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The BBP Concept

Your Way to Mastery

The BBP concept is to apply to presence training all the qualities associated with a black belt. A black belt is confident, masterful, composed, alert and capable to react to any situation in the most effective way.

If you achieve this mastery in your presence, you will be commanding any room and succeed in any critical communication. BBP will teach you to find, develop and access your inner black belt whenever you need it.

The key elements of communicating your black belt presence are your voice and your body language.

The BBP voice training will substantially enhance your speech by teaching you to control your breath, sound, pitch, volume, pace and ultimately finding your authentic natural way to speak powerfully.

The BBP body training will dramatically improve your body awareness and teach you how to control your posture, gestures, facial expressions, movements and energy level.

Once you have reached the level of true black belt presence, you will feel invincible, naturally confident and ready to take on the world. And the world will notice.

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