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How Is Your Presence Today?

Do you want to be



Aware of your actions?

Ready to react?



All you need is Black Belt Presence.

My BBP Story

Black Belt Presence is the essence of what I have learned throughout my over 15 years working as an actress, director, acting teacher, coach, voice artist and practicing kickboxing and pole dancing.

In all of these areas of my professional and personal life I have found the key to effectiveness, growth and sustainable success to be all the qualities you associate with a Black Belt.

Throughout my career in four different countries I was fortunate enough to experience the dynamics and qualities at play to achieve mastery from various perspectives:

Being directed as an actress, directing others as a filmmaker, supporting growth as a coach, matching a performance as voice artist, achieving mental and physical mastery in kick-boxing from a white belt to a black belt and, last but not least, defying gravity at pole dancing.

My life journey has taught me that at the center of every convincing and extraordinary performance is skillfulness, knowledge, preparedness and confidence.

And now I have made it my life goal to share all my experience and insights with you to help you achieving your goals with your new found Black Belt Presence.

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“A Black Belt is a White Belt, who never stopped training”

Kat Weithaler


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