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"Kat has taught me to be in touch with my body and to connect with my voice. She's able to see the potential in every human being and helps to activate the natural channels of expression. Thanks to her I found my inner strength, and I feel more confident and authentic."

UN Professional

“In Kat’s sessions I learnt to have the confidence and trust in my body to tell the story. Thank you, Kat! You are a great role model.”

Dr P Shergill
Doctor, Actress & Writer

“Kat’s 360 degree approach focused on every aspect of who I was, not only as a professional and creative, but a human being. I left every session feeling more confident, self-assured and brimming with creative ideas and potential. Kat’s knowledge base is vast, her skill set is well refined and her passion for seeing you excel is second to none. Anyone in her capable hands will leave feeling truly transformed. ”

Cal-I J.
Actor, Musician & Secondary School Teacher

“From the outset Kat inspired me with the confidence to push myself despite doing something completely new. She was always there with constructive comments and insights that only served to push myself harder"

Dominic F.

"Kat is an amazing vocal coach. She has a wonderful way of connecting, she really listens. Kat is very supportive and patient. She can hear problems so well that her corrections help you get better very quickly. I  highly recommend her as a vocal coach!"

Jack J.
Stuntman & Actor

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